Personal Loans

Consumer Loan Products are targeted at individuals in paid employment i.e. confirmed staff of well structured organisations in the private and public sector on CapitalMetriq Bank Target Market List (TML).

Loan repayment is from salary domiciled with the bank i.e. credits structured against monthly repayments from salaries.

To qualify for the salary series loans, the customer’s:

  • Must be a confirmed regular staff of your organization. Must have been in regular employment for at least 6 months.
  • Salary account and terminal benefit of the obligor must be domiciled with CapitalMetriq Bank
  • Salary must be regular and fairly the same in amount each month.

Salary Advance

Facility available to meet urgent financial need against pay day.


  • 70% of obligor’s net monthly income subject to a maximum loan amount of N500,000.00 for regular loans and N2M for grade a company mgt staff
  • 30 days tenor against salary pay day

Personal Term Loan

To fund personal needs- asset acquisition, payment of school fees/medical bills, small scale personal business etc.

For cash flow management


  • Flexible repayment up to 6 months for regular personal loan.
  • Up to 12 months for loans to senior management staff of grade A companies with quarterly/annual payment structure
CapitalMetriQ Personal Loans